Wednesday, 18 November 2009


We had a rehearsal today. I felt like we got lots of work done actually! There was one idea in particular I really like, I think the majority of the group really liked the idea. We will have a Q&A with Santa! The children, or their parents will be able to ask Santa any questions they might want to ask. This means that the material can be changed depending on who is asking the questions, this continues on from the idea I had about the fact that it is a family fun day, and therefore not just for children. This will be adlibed so obviously the person playing santa will have to be fast on their feet when questions are asked, the results of this could be quite comical!

Also we were having a little think about set, and I mentioned that it might be nice to have a couple of specific places where stories are told, so these place will have a static set that doesn't particularly change. I suggested a little rug and a Christmas tree, with some twinkly lights or something? This will give the area a Christmassy but also homely feel for the children and adults, to relax into the story.

I want to kidnap Frank to come with us every weekend! He came in and told us a story that he had come up with in about 2 minutes at the beginning of the rehearsal! It was brilliant he was talking to us about some storytelling techniques that he likes to use when performing. Like pronounciation and really enjoying the words for example. And enjoying the material and using body language to connect with the audience, I will definitely be taking his advice on board, and remembering all of the tips form the storytelling module last year.

I believe we are all writing our own stories this week, so good luck people!!


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