Sunday, 28 February 2010

Getting Back on your Feet

I have had a bit of what I would call a learning curve this month. As many of you guys will know I have been really ill and therefore a little out of the loop and although I have dragged myself to all meetings with Patsy, Ed and Zoe I feel as if I am floating away. I suppose this is a feeling one might get when organising an event such as this, which requires planning, contacting and then basically waiting... Im just feeling at a bit of a loss which is a shame.

In terms of practicality I am now starting to realise the difficulty, the inevitable difficulty i might add, of running two thirty credit modules along side each other. I am actually in the process of my exams in my media module, Advanced TV Studio Practice, this is really exciting but it is taking up so much of my time, and with feeling this ill I feel as if my other subjects are suffering, even though Vision & Tech is really exciting i have missed some, I think I will be getting inspiration from that module in an important way, motivationally.

There is something that I fear for this semester group wise, although Ham House Storytelling at Xmas was a great event, i feel that it could have been made better by a more lasting commitment to the project by some members of the group, however on the day as the stage manager I did not let this get to me and ruin my performance as what I felt I was on that weekend, a leader. It was great that people from the group actually even approached me to congratulate me on such a good job, I loved the feeling of being accepted by he group as a good leader and a depedaple individual in terms of osubject. The sad part is that I feel that some people are less enclined to involve people that have been away for some reason or another. Ihave missed my other modules as well as Drama in the Community due to illness, and although I havent been in uni this month I have been to all meetings with my selected gruop, no matter how ill I have been.

However I am feeling a little better and willl be as the title of my blog suggests, back on my feet with excitement and enthusiasm! I am intending to write a blog in the very near future about the quior plans, I am looking at the info I have first!

Have Fun Guys!

R x