Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hmmm... am I boring?!

Well, getting people to reply to your fabulously polite emails is harder than anticipated! Almost the same frustration I am feeling about my blog, to be honest, it is in fact a tragedy that I have not blogged for so long, the truth is, I don't really know what to say, after having a very interesting and honest conversation about my entry's with one particular Scottish gentleman I am a little discouraged! When looking back and reading them I do feel as if they are a little pale maybe in comparison with others exciting tales, and I do agree with the bizarre critisism that all I write about is Drama in the Community... well sorry!

I will now talk about Drama in the Community! loving the ideas for the new project, great carnivally theme, that will be fun! I am very pleased with my new job too! Upset I couldn't make it to see the quiors singing with Ed and Patsy this week though, sounded fun, there will be other opportunities! But as previously mentioned, people don't really reply as much as anticipated, but nevertheless am soldiering on making phone calls to telephones with no recipients and writing emails to addresses that seem to have no body ever in! Oh well, hope everyones well!


  1. rennie ! you are not boring ! xxx

  2. It can be frustrating Rach to begin with, but perserverance will pay off. Keep on the phones especially - in the first instance people tend to respond better to a personal approach than to an email.

    Blogging can be many things. A chance to tell stories, a chance (as here) to share concerns, a chance to distribute images or video clips or just a cathartic way of ordering the millions of thoughts buzzing through your head. If you write thoughtfully and honestly about these things you won't be boring.