Monday, 16 November 2009

OOOOH Ghost Tours!!

Hi guys, haven't blogged for a while!
Would just like to write a quick post about the inspiration of the ghost tour! It was excellent, for anyone that went, how much did you love the old guy?! He was brilliant!

He got me really thinking about storytelling technique, as his dramatic pauses were brill! Also I was thinking that the guy who took us round the house mentioned that they do a ghost tour for kids! It makes you think about when you were little, remember telling ghost stories with a torch to your friends and all freaking each other out? hilarious! Don't really think ghost stories would be appropriate for a Christmas/winter theme, which is a shame because kids love being freaked out.

Really glad we have decided to have some of us walking around the house in character as this will give the weekends a real feeling of authenticity for not only the children, but the adults too! It would be funny to whisper a bit of adult humour into their ears occasionally, make it more about the adults as well, after all it is a FAMILY fun day after all!

Thinking its really great that we are now having a meeting every Wednesday as well as Friday mornings as I think rehearsal is paramount at this stage in the game. Great to hear all the stories on Friday! Absolutely loved the idea of approaching the children in character and letting them choose what they want to hear, I would say probably the most effective way to get the best out of kids... letting them get their own way in a sense!

Any way bloggers see you all on Wednesday!

P.S Zoe don't make me run around again!!


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