Friday, 30 April 2010

...The End :(

Just thought I would send a quick message to explain how I am feeling right now!

We just had our last Vision and Tech lecture and performances. If I were to use one word to describe all of them I would say FANTASTIC, but they were so fantastic I would also have to describe them as, visionary, inspiring, touching and entertaining!! I have learned so much doing the module which is now to be scrapped, like many of Pauls other modules, what a traversty!!! The reason that this feeling spills over into my final module of Drama in the Community is because the sense of community I have gained from Vision and Technology is overwhelming. This is the most important aspect of this module and I feel that this is something I feel on a different scale when I go to see a choir perform or for instance the feeling I got at the Ham Community day that I have previously blogged about, or the feeling of community gained by visiting one of the schools, which Patsy, Zoe and I did at the beginning of the week. The children were so excited to be a part of this event, although a huge emphasis was put on if there would be cake, and if so how much, and if so how could we possibly fit 4oo candles onto one cake as by the time you reached the last 100 the first 100 would have either melted or burned out! Kids do say funny things!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hi there!!

Hi everyone, I am back in cyber world, haven't blogged in ages... but I now have something interesting to garble on about! We did the family fun day at Ham House this weekend, it was fantastic, we all had a really fun day, painting the kids faces and playing games with them, all the time promoting for the 23rd.

We had lots of people interested in attending the day while we were walking around the grounds of the house. I feel that throughout this project I have had moments that have brought me back down to earth with a bump and reminded me what the module is all about. When we were paying games with the children I just felt in my element, not even because I love children, but because I feel that I am helping other people to enjoy their day, enjoy their time! Hopefully the kids we were playing with will remember how much fun they had for a long time, it is fantastic to know that you may have had an imprint in someone else's life, whether it be a child's or an elderly member of the community, this is what Drama in the Community is all about. I like to write about things that have really touched me as my journey has progressed, and I know I should probably write more about the logistics of the day, or the organisation that I am part in terms of my being a member of the quoir team, but I do not feel passionately about events management, I feel passionately about people, these are the times when I compare this project to the project I have loved most since joining St. Marys, which was TIE. TIE gave me the opportunity to work with children who have been placed into a Pupil Referral Unit, this changed my perception of whole groups of society, it gave me the opportunity to work on my people skills in the face of extreme difficulty. The reward was happy children, children that were interested in something that gave them the opportunity to better themselves and their situations for the first time in their lives, you cannot get much more community based than that, and they were my inspiration for taking this module.

I am going with Zoe to see another quoir in the morning and see if they would like to be part of our celebration of Ham Houses birthday!

Chat soon!

R x