Monday, 19 October 2009


Hi there my little fellow bloggers! :)

I can't sleep! had the longest day ever today! Was just having a think about Cardboard Citizens last Monday. Was really wondering what was going on with us, well speak for yourself Rach, what was going on with me? Don't get me wrong I totally loved it, although I think maybe only two stories were needed. I just so did NOT want to get up and join in, usually I would go for it and really get involved! The most ridiculous thing was the fact that I actually wanted to! There were some situations where I was itching to get up and try to make a difference. Why didn't I get up and do it? There was a few of us there that did not get up and join in and i know we all had ideas. Why??

Thats all, just a wee query! If you guys know why you didn't, that might tell me why I didn't. (If you see what I mean?!)

R x

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