Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Choir Meeting and First Rehearsal

This will be my last blog! I am handing this in tomorrow and so would like to wrap up my experience as a whole, which will be fairly difficult as the hand in is before the event. Firstly I would say that this end part, our first story rehearsal (learning Jenny and Ben's script) has been the most enjoyable for me. I feel that this has been the most organic part of the process, Jenny and Ben wrote it and cast it and now we will be performing it on the day, for the entertainment of all the children in the community, this for me is what the process of Drama in the Community should be about. After all the Choir meetings and school visits I finally feel that after our big Choir meeting it has all payed off, it will be gratifying that after all the hard work I have put in, I will hopefully have a successful event to show for it.

Onto the meeting on Sunday. It went really well. Ed, Zoe and I each had the responsibility of communicating one section to all the choir leaders. Zoe did in the grounds when they will be performing, I took charge of the Singing Schedule and Ed communicated the full Itinerary, I was immensely nervous as I feel that my public speaking leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily it went really well, I held my nerves in check and communicated with them clearly and articulately, I was also able to answer questions that they asked, sometimes with the help of the team, which was great as we all pitched in on each others parts, this gave me a sense of community in itself.

All I can say now is, good luck for the event everyone! I am sure that with all the hard work we have put in we will have a fantastic day, lets bring the community together and have a fun and exhilarating final ever project at St. Marys!

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